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Change in Payment Methods Accepted

Following a major cybersecurity breach in the credit reporting sector, the insurance industry as a whole has been prompted to review current customer data practices. As a result, many insurance carriers have made changes to their payment options in an effort to increase the security of our customers’ sensitive personal and financial data. We apologize for any Read more about Change in Payment Methods Accepted[…]

Heading to College? Find Out if Renters Insurance is Right for You!

  Whether you live in a dorm, apartment building, or share a home among friends, your college home is full of valuable items: textbooks, a computer and/or tablet, your smartphone, all of your favorite clothing, maybe some high-end headphones, or a tv and gaming console… the value adds up quickly! Property crime and theft are Read more about Heading to College? Find Out if Renters Insurance is Right for You![…]

What Is A Personal Umbrella Policy?

What is an umbrella policy? Simply put, a personal umbrella policy (PUP) offers additional liability coverage beyond the limits of your existing insurance policies. Typically written in increments of $1 million, these policies help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses and protect your assets – your savings, home, or business – from large claims and legal judgements. These Read more about What Is A Personal Umbrella Policy?[…]